Property Development, Subdivision, Easements & Restrictive Covenants

If you are building or carrying out extensions, you may be required to obtain drainage or other easements over the adjoining property.  Similarly, you may be approached by a neighbour requiring such an easement.  The local Council may also require you to create a Positive Covenant on the title to your land, in which you undertake as owner to keep a detention basin maintained properly and free of rubbish etc.

If you wish to subdivide your land, you will often have to create easements and covenants with the plan of subdivision.

At Trouncer Legal, we have many years’ experience with all these matters, and can assist you in creating or cancelling easements or covenants as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  If the consent of a bank or other lender is involved, we can assist in obtaining that consent and also in lodging dealings and plans at Land & Property Information.

In our experience, some of these matters appear reasonably straightforward at first, but may involve drafting a Deed of Agreement with a neighbour, and dealing with Councils, the Head Offices of banks and other authorities can be very frustrating and time consuming if you are unsure of the processes and conventions involved.

Please contact us and take advantage of our skills and experience in these property-related matters to make your matter easier.