Notary Public Services

Sebastian Trouncer

I am an experienced Notary Public and can help with all your needs.

For appointments please call or text me on 0408-021-198 or email me at

I work from a home office at 17 Malton Road, Beecroft.  After hours and weekend appointments can be arranged and parking is easy.

I was admitted as a Public Notary in 2002, and have witnessed and certified many hundreds of documents for overseas countries (see the interactive map). I can assist and advise you with whatever notarial service you may require in a prompt and friendly manner.

Common documents that I notarise are Powers of Attorney, copies of passports or marriage certificates and so on. I can witness signatures on documents in a foreign language – you do not have to obtain a translation in many cases.

I can assist with all Notary Public and Apostille services, including:

  • Witnessing affidavits and declarations
  • Witnessing signatures
  • Certification of documents
  • Verification of company documents
  • Verification of identity and/or signature
  • Assisting you with to obtain authentication or Apostille from DFAT

Why do I need a Notary, not just a JP?

Most documents that have to be proved overseas need to be certified or witnessed by a Notary Public. Justices of the Peace are only recognised within their respective states.

What is a Notary?

The office of a Notary is ancient and in the past they were appointed only by the Pope and then in England by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Today in New South Wales a Notary must be a solicitor with at least 5 years’ experience, and a notary is appointed under government legislation after passing an exam. In effect, a Notary is an internationally recognised solicitor.

Apostilles and Authentication

The Dept. of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) keeps a copy of each Notary’s signature on file so it can be checked by DFAT. Some countries will not accept a document certified or witnessed by a Notary unless DFAT further certifies that the signature of the Notary is genuine, which is basically what an Apostille involves. Sebastian can obtain this for you or advise you how to apply, and tell you whether the country involved requires an Apostille or Authentication (the latter mainly apply to China and the Middle East). DFAT currently charges $98.00 for an Apostille or an Authentication for each document or multiple documents if they are stapled together.

In a few cases, documents also have to be stamped by the embassy of the overseas country. If so, the usual order is: 1. Notary signs. 2. Apostille from DFAT. 3. Embassy. I suggest you phone the embassy involved to check their requirements in such cases.


My current standard fee for Notary work is $120.00.  My fees can be more depending on how many documents or signatures are required, the time spent and whether a certificate needs to be prepared.  A Notary is required to check and keep evidence of the identity of each client, and also maintain a register of documents notarised, and by the time appointments have been made and so on there is usually 30 minutes work involved in even the simplest matters. A recommended scale of fees is published by the Society of Notaries – see

I have Certified Docs for Countries all over the world!

I have certified documents from all over the world. Check the map below to see how many times we have certified documents for your country!