Wills, Power of Attorney, Guardian Firms and Care Directives

In the past, if people got around to making any documents, it was often only a Will, and even today large numbers of people move into older age with no formal documentation.

However, with people living longer, and society becoming more complex, it is becoming more and more important for clients to have what I will refer to as “documents for ageing” in place once they are established in life. For example, Enduring Powers of Attorney (POA) and Guardian forms can be highly useful if you have a serious car accident and are unable to manage your affairs.

Similarly, these important documents cannot be signed if you were unfortunate to suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This can result in loved ones having to involve the Guardianship Tribunal, rather than you being able to nominate a guardian and set out your choices. Many nursing homes and even retirement villages require these documents to be in place before you can move in. Second and third marriages, blended families and so on often mean clients need to think carefully about how to look after children or partners in their Wills, and how to distribute assets.

Will Services

Trouncer Legal can assist you in all of your requirements. Our Services include:

  • Wills
  • Will Disputes
  • Powers of Attorney (General and Enduring)
  • Enduring Guardianships
  • Advance Care Directives (living Wills)

Will Service Fees

As each client’s circumstances are different, and may require some but not all of the above documents, it is not easy to give a firm quote on the fees involved. For example, the NSW approved forms provide for appointment of alternative attorneys/guardians in the one 7 page form. However, the choices you make for say your spouse as opposed to two children may be different, and I often recommend that clients sign two separate forms in such cases. Accordingly, a husband and wife wanting just “the normal documents”, if done properly, may involve in total: 2 Will, 4 Enduring POA’s, 4 Enduring Guardian forms, 2 Care Directives.

The preparation, signing, copying and certification of all these documents is time consuming and would involve about 4 hours work in total. A simpler case where separate second forms and Care Directives were not involved might involve about 3 hours work. My current hourly rate is $225.00 per hour, plus GST.

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